Construction / Industrial Equipment
인류의 미래를 밝히는 기업 한솔은 세계 곳곳에서 발전 플랜트 사업으로 인류의 미래를 건설합니다. Power Plant 이미지 발전 플랜트 사업은 전기를 생산하는 발전설비를 제작하고 공급하는 사업입니다.

The civil works, construction and industrial facility business of Hansol Paper is dedicated to constructing industrial facilities such as plants, research institutes and logistics centers as well as specialized buildings including galleries, schools, club houses and hospitals. Hansol Paper is a construction specialist equipped with various service systems in all areas of construction from planning, designing, constructing to commissioning.

해수담수 전처리 상수처리

Construction of industrial plants is the core of our civil works and construction business. Hansol Paper builds, plants in a variety of areas such as paper, chemical engineering, LCD and machinery where it has have accumulated knowhow.

Started with the logistics facility for paper storage requiring the damp proofing and smoothness, the construction of the logistics facility is one of our strengths.

혐기성 폐수처리 하수 고도 처리

Hansol Paper is actively engaged in specialized areas requiring precisions such as construction of museums, leisure facilities and medical facilities.

Recently, not only the specialized fields require the precision of construction but also the convenience of users including patients and medical doctors, nurses, technicians to use the facility is more emphasized than ever.

혐기성 폐수처리 하수 고도 처리

Hansol Paper has accumulated construction technologies of various research centers, starting from paper research centers and expanding into bio, defense and communications areas through Insect Biotech and Dodaam Systems, etc.

Hansol Paper is actively engaged in BTL projects and environment-related civil works owned by the government.