Research Laboratory is a technological expert group providing guidelines to the market direction and leading global market in a plant sector.
Visions of Hansol EME are:
We provide new growth engine by developing unique and specialized technology and/or making partnership to become a world first class expert company in the plant business.
In order to achieve this, we estimate business environment and market trend of plant sector both at here and abroad and become more contract-winning oriented and aim to secure technology so that our business continue to grow.
We will sincerely fulfill the role as a technological expert group suggesting the right market direction and leading global market in power plant, paper, environment and water plant sector.
Overview 1.	R & D Selection of future promising technology Core technology R&D New technology and patent acquire New water type business exploration and technology 2.	Site work support Support contract winning on development technology Support for technical sales Establish technology network 3.	Technology management Establish data base of core technology Manage research equipment /experimental equipment New technology and patent management Manage other intellectual property 4.	Technical training Attend academic conference home and abroad and internal technical training Attend international workshop and exhibition and support for internal and external technical training