Water Plant
Water! Earth’s limited resource! Water is reborn when touched by Hansol EME.Water Plant 이미지 Currently, more than 80 countries that hold 40% of the world’s population experience chronic water shortages.

By 2025, it is expected that 3 billion people in 52 countries will suffer from a lack of water, and in 2050 two-thirds of the global population will be affected. Just as oil was the cause of international disputes in the 20th century, it is expected that the world will be fighting over water in the 21st century. Hansol recognizes the absolute relationship between humans and nature, and provides optimized water treatment facilities that meet customer requirements thanks to our rich water treatment design, construction and operation experience, at home and abroad, and our solid technological competence rooted in R&D.

Water Treatment 혐기성 폐수처리

Water treatment is a process of purifying river or underground water so that it can be potable. This is different from the purification of raindrops, domestic water or industrial water into clean water.

We have applied our waste water treatment experience into design/installation/commissioning/operation of an advanced sewage treatment facility and realized optimized sewage treatment. Furthermore, this advanced sewage treatment facility is recognized our competence in removing organics, nitrogen and phosphate. Related technologies include A/O, A2/O, Bardenpho process, SBR methods.

하수 고도 처리 유기성 폐수 에너지화

Hansol’s technology provides solutions to household waste and livestock waste. Disposal of food waste and livestock excretions are prohibited in 2012 Ocean Disposal Convention and the government is trying to find how to make organic waste water and waste into resource.

The Ministry of Environment has stipulated waterworks law to introduce reclaiming water to be used for river maintaining, water head and toilet purpose and recently initiated to supply waste and sewage water for industrial water. .