Waste treatment
Hansol to a clean environment, human resources used by the district also will cherish. We realized a better and bigger dream with eco-friendly solutions.We realized a better and bigger dream with eco-friendly solutions. Hansol Paper quickly and safely carries out all processes, from waste collection to transport and recycling, intermediate process to final process, and is taking the lead in establishing clear and clean areas. We are confident in the area of waste treatment thanks to our many years of experience. Hansol Paper independently developed the waste FBC Sludge incineration system and constructed Korea’s largest incinerator (700 tons/day). We have rich experience in the design, construction and operation of incineration and dry facilities, both at home and abroad. Waste treatment
Waste incineration

This incinerates waste materials that can be incinerated in order to reduce the weight of waste so that available time of landfill is extended, and reuses the heat generated during incineration to recover energy. There are two major methods; Fluidized Bed Method and Stoker Method.

Waste water sludge incineration

This is systematic one-stop technology that we developed through our rich experience in transportation, drying, incineration and operation processes of waste water sludge. Hansol Paper has highest achievements of any Korean company in the sludge incineration sector.

Waste reclamation

We are highly cautious in operation and post-management, and handle waste efficiently and safely by operating our reclamation facility which is the final treatment facility.