CI overview
CI of Hansol EME contains evergreen thought, evergreen spirit of Halsol.
 Hansol’s will to become an outstanding world corporation The wordmark of Hansol symbolizes the strong will of the company to become the best in the world through diversification and globalization. It consists of English name and two rectangles. Rectangles represent the basic position of Hansol, connecting Mother Nature with people. The blue color in the upper half represents the sky and the future of mankind, while the green in the lower half represents the earth, nature and the present. These express the vision of Hansol, which wishes to play a stepping stone reaching to the Sky, Mankind, and Future (ultimate goal) from the Earth, Nature, and the Present (incomplete).
EME and the focus of our business stand for Environment, Maintenance and Engineering. We provide an unparalleled service in our core business areas.
Logo type
The logo type is designed to emphasize the friendly image of the corporate Hansol EME while harmonizing with the wordmark. It has two types of logo in Korean and English. Logo
Signature of Hansol EME is one of the most important factor when delivering the corporate image and applied standard and color should be presented uniformly in all media.