Hansol EME gives life to waste for creating values! This is what Hansol EME builds up. Hansol EME is environment plant expert firm by creating values out of waste. 








             Hansol EME produces RDF from daily waste and makes resource out of sewage sludge and food waste. This is one of the core technologies that Hansol wishes to establish.








             Waste-to-resource image
MBT(Mechanical Biological Treatment)

This is the treatment technology that reduces pollution remarkably during reclamation or incineration by means of separation and selection recycling resources from household waste and by decomposition the remaining (sterilization, heavy metal exudation).

Food waste-to-resource

Dry Fodder – This is a technology development related with productivity and economics of livestock in order to increase efficiency of fodder usage, that means, this is improved technology in terms of stable and hygienic supply with balanced nutrition of fodder resource for the production and high quality of livestock.

Aerobic Composting – this is a technology to decompose organic substance by aerobic microorganism into by-products such as inorganic substance and CO2 and NH3 for stabilizing biologically. This produces organic fodder for reuse as resource.

Waste water sludge-dry- fuel

This technology is to reuse sludge generated during waste water treatment process as cement materials or soil improvement agent, construction material, fuel, covering-up for landfill by means of dry, fuel, carbonization, maturing and aging treatment method.