Paper Plant
Hansol Paper has unique Know-how in Paper Plant.




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Printing Paper

Hansol Paper constructed paper plants for producing high quality printing papers such as wood free paper, art paper and paper for newspaper, which has its uniqueness with automated large-scaled facility under pleasant production environment. This paper plant is excellent and a leading position in international quality standard.

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Industrial Paper

Mainly manufacturing coated duplex board, highest quality of goods packaging paper, Daejeon Factory of Hansol Paper is equipped with production capacity over 550,000 tons annually. This industrial paper plant was constructed by Hansol Paper through state-of- the- art facilities and serves as one of the best industrial paper plants. Based on these performances, Hansol Paper completed construction of coated duplex board plant with scale of 60,000 tons annually in Suez, Egypt in 2005 and with scales of 150,000 tons annually in Obeikan, Saudi Arabia in 2006.

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Special paper

Mainly manufacturing special paper, information paper and fancy paper, the domestic largest scaled Cheonan Factory of Hansol Paper is equipped with production capacity over 120,000 tons annually. Additionally, Sangju Factory is specialized in high value added functional special coated papers such as thermal paper, adhesive memo paper, inkjet paper for photograph. Hansol Paper constructed these two plants based on the expertise we have developed for a long period on plant E. P. C and played a crucial role in special paper business sector.

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