Environmental service
Hansol considers customer satisfaction first in environmental services, thanks to our years of expertise in waste collection, transportation and final treatment.We provide a One-Stop Total Waste Management Service from waste collection to transportation and intermediate to final treatment. Environmental service
intermediate treatment business

Incineration Facility – waste water sludge incineration facility

We have operated waste water sludge incineration facility in the most stable way in accordance with regulations of prohibition of direct landfill of waste sludge since 2003 and regulations of prohibition of ocean disposal according to 1996 Protocol of London Dumping Convention that was applied since 2008.

Business Waste and Designated Waste

We stably and safely handle assigned business waste disposed from industrial sites by operating an incineration facility, and provide the heat generated during incineration to nearby industries, helping to prevent civil complaints while supporting industrial development in the surrounding area.

Household Waste Incineration Facility

We safely and cleanly operate an incineration facility, and realize waste-to-resource and energy through the recovery of useless heat.

Dry Facility

We use DISK dry technology, which is highly efficient in controlling moisture content, and reuse waste successfully according to the regulations of prohibition of direct reclamation and ocean disposal.

Water Facility

We are operating water treatment facility for anaerobic waste water, sewage and livestock sewage treatment facilities based on operating experience of intra-company industrial waste water facility for the purpose of water resource management and eco-friendly technology development.

Food-to-Resource Facility

We are realizing food-to resource (compost, fodder and gas for fuel, etc.) based on continuous research on food waste-to–resource and accumulated facility operation expertise.

Final treatment business (reclamation facility)

We are highly in operation and post management to treat waste most efficiently and safely by operating reclamation facility, the final treatment facility.