Main Activities
Hansol EME, under management philosophy that “Hansol is humanity”, is in the forefront of making this world a place where all is one in love and humanity.
The Evergreen Love Association

The Evergreen Love Association has 4 business teams by regions, in charge of management and sponsorship, and each team selects an executive, including a president, a manager, and an advisor, to take charge of the volunteer work. The Evergreen Love Association visits welfare institutions for seniors, free meal facilities for seniors and facilities for unfortunate children near each workplace based on a principle of “visiting volunteer”, and donate funds or living necessities more than one time each month.

  • Main Activities
  • Visit to seniors’ welfare facilities

    Regular visits to seniors’ welfare facilities to offer repair services, cleaning, landscaping, and warehouse work

    Talks with seniors, massage services, bathing services

    Support for daily living necessities

    Delivery of care package and food (such as rice cakes, fruit, and beverages)

    Volunteering services at free meal facilities for seniors

    Regular visits to assist in meal preparation, serving, and dish washing

    Support for maintenance and cleaning of the facility

  • Warm-hearted donations and support volunteering activity of executive members and employees

    The Evergreen Love Association carries out its activities to share love thanks to the financial contribution of all employees. The association implements a “Share-Love-Activity”, which is a fund-raising campaign whereby executive members and employees voluntarily donate 1% of their monthly wages. The fund raised is given to children who are the breadwinners in their families, as a scholarship, along with a letter of award by representatives of 4 each workplace. By supporting children who are the breadwinners in their families, the association helps them to achieve their dreams with free and pleasant hearted.

  • Main Activities
  • The virtue of sharing, Worth of Sweat Home-Building

    The Evergreen Love Association passionately joins in social contribution at the Hansol Group level. Through home-building activities, executive members and employees are able to participate in volunteer work and provide support that goes beyond a simple material donation. The association will take the initiative continuously volunteer work on the basis of Hansol EME’s motto, and realizes cooperation between the company and communities.

  • Main Activities