Direction of Contribution
Hansol EME plays a leading role in creating a world where everyone can join together, based on the management philosophy: “Hansol is Humanity.”
Volunteering group Introduction
-The Evergreen Love Association “The Evergreen Love Association” is based on Hansol EME’s management philosophy that “Hansol is humanity”.

As a part of performing its upright role and social responsibility, Hansol EME organized “The Evergreen Love Association” that consists of executives and staffs since 2005. The association has practiced its systematic and continuous sharing activity. In order not to end up its social contribution in a short term, The Evergreen Love Association has widened its field of sharing to various activities, encouraged its sharing to the level of whole company, and the members of the association post his/her activity on the board so that each members of the association will be inspired and encouraged. The Evergreen Love Association promises to be the leading example of new corporate culture of sharing and performing social contributions. Hansol EME will reach out its hands to those that need love and help, and will endlessly reform to be loved and be held in respect.

Direction of Contribution