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  • Hansol EME is with you to make life more convenient and make the Earth more valuable through technology.

    Hansol EME Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 and started its businesses in engineering and maintenance services for Paper Plants.

    Since its founding, Hansol EME has grown as a plant expert in various fields including Environmental Energy Plants, Water Treatment Plants, and Industrial Plants that require its specialized technologies such as energy-saving technology and treatment of wastewater and sludge.

    Hansol EME has been recognized for its competitiveness through successful construction of Paper Plants and Environmental Energy Plants including Incinerator Sludge Treatment Facility, Wastewater Treatment Facility and Recycling Facility not only in Korea but also overseas including South-East Asia and the Middle East, South America, Europe, and Africa.

    Hansol EME has been a total solution provider to clients by offering its accumulated know-how and advanced management techniques as well as maintenance and operation services in Paper Plants and Environmental Energy Plants.

    In addition, Hansol EME has established itself as a construction expert equipped with various construction service systems including business planning, engineering, construction, and commissioning for industrial plants, distribution facilities, and facilities related to research, education, leisure and health care.

    Hansol EME has continuously developed its competitiveness through high-quality engineering technology such as its own technology in BFBC (Bubbled Fluidized Bed Combustion) boiler and the biogas LBM technology which was developed for the first time in Asia.

    Hansol EME promises to become a company that contributes to the customer satisfaction and the happiness for the mankind by pursuing Hansol Group's management philosophy through endless challenge and innovation.

    Cho Shin Hwan CEO, Hansol EME Co., Ltd