Paper Plant
Best known as Hansol Paper in the paper plant and preservation business sector, we are now a global leader in pulp and paper plants and the preservation and diagnosis business. Paper Plant A paper plant is a factory and industrial facility that produces paper.

Our paper plant business covers the entire process, from material processing, initial paper processing, and completion processing depending on the type of paper (printing paper, industrial paper and special paper to be produced). Utilities are also included in this plant business.The work of the paper plant includes material processing, initial paper manufacturing from pulp to paper, and completion processing to process already-made papers according to the requirements of consumers. It also consists of utilities that supply electricity, water and steam. Hansol Paper is taking charge of the whole process in the paper plant industrial sector, from feasibility study to design, procurement, construction and commissioning. O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services are also provided, which sets us apart from other companies.

Paper Plant O&M Preservation business

Hansol Paper constructed paper plants for producing high quality printing papers such as wood free paper, art paper, which has its uniqueness with automated large-scaled facility under pleasant production environment. This paper plant is excellent and a leading position in international quality standard.

Hansol Paper Maintec Business Division is responsible for preservation activity of paper plant and it has improved efficiency and productivity of paper plant over 30 years through systematic management skills. This division has grown into the first paper facility maintenance company in Korea.