O&M Environmental Service
The preservation business of Hansol EME is positioned at a different level since it was developed from our background of paper plant operation. Hansol EME Maintec business division, which is responsible for the paper preservation activity of our paper plants, has improved the efficiency and productivity of our paper plant based on our 30 years of experience in the corresponding area and our systematic management expertise. This division has grown into the leading paper facility maintenance company in Korea. On the basis of this experience and expertise, we provide the best operation and preservation solution, offering improved facility performance and efficiency, process stabilization, energy cost saving for paper plants through facility and process diagnosis, and technology consultation services. With these proven technological competencies, we are expanding our expertise into the paper plant, tobacco and Ginseng plant, environment and energy plant sectors.
Facility management

We upgrade the level of customer facility management systematically by means of optimized facility management system.

- Custody management in the preservation sector for paper company
- Custody management in core facilities (Roll, Drive)

Diagnosis Consulting

We provide optimized solution based on accumulated and abundant professional knowledge and scientific data

- Engineering Diagnosis
- Energy and Process Diagnosis
- Facility Unit Diagnosis
- Consulting

Re-build We offer cost saving and improve productivity with high quality design competence and MP (Maintenance Prevention) technology.

Paper Plant Re-build

We have performance record on various Re-build works based on accumulated and abundant expertise on paper plant maintenance work and provide high quality services with continuous support of R&D.

Tobacco & Ginseng Plant Re-build

Our competent technology learned from the past performance of tobacco and Ginseng plant and from accumulated technology from paper plant construction experience.

Chemical Plant Re-build

Our competent technology learned from the performance of various types of construction. Our capacity can start with chemical re-build for paper plant.

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