Hansol Ethics Management
Hansol is dedicated to treating all stakeholders with respect and integrity.
What is ethics management?
As a corporation, we acknowledge that we have a basic obligation to fulfill our ethical responsibilities. This includes market ethics, which means that the company complies with the rules and regulations of the market, while meeting the expectations of society in terms of good conduct. In short, it means that our company complies with all laws and legislation, and fulfills our “Corporate Social Responsibility.”

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    Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility
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Economical responsibility: Corporates produce goods and services required by society and sell them at appropriate price and operate with the consequences of these activities and create compensational profit to investors. Legal responsibility: Corporates operate its business under fairness, that is, they perform management within the framework formed by society. Ethical responsibility: Corporates act on expectation, standard and values of interested parties such as customer, employees and investors. Social responsibility: Corporates have responsibilities as a member of society by doing cultural activities, donation and volunteering activities.