Employee Welfare & Services
Hansol EME provides various programs of welfare and services to employees so that employees may lead invigorated life at work through safe, healthy, affluent life. Medial Aid Medical Check-ups Support on Housing Loan Support on Lelsure Activities Scholarship Congratulations & Condolences

Hansol Medical Aid: In case of disease or accidents, an employee will be helped with medical expenses (100% for employee, 50% for employee’s spouse/child)

Congratulations & Condolences: In case of family events, flowers and/or condolence goods /Condolence benefit & Vacation will be granted

Scholarship Support: fund for Preschool, Middle and High schools, and College will be aided.

Medical Check-ups: -Comprehensive Medical Test (for over 35- 40 yrs. – every second year, for employees over 40yrs. – every year) and general check-ups

Support on Housing Loan: Interest for housing loan from the bank will be helped

Refresh Vacation (5 d/yr), other than annual paid vacation is granted.

Usage Vacation Facilities: Hansol EME employees may use partner vacation facilities (ex. Resort Oakvalley, MDY Resort) at Membership Fee

Support on In-house Club activities and its expenses

Five-day work week

Reward on Long Service: 10 years of continuous service will be rewarded with medal and benefit.

In case of transfer order to other business location with accompanying family, moving and packing & travel expenses will be aided

Support for Foreign Language Education Fee

Various Reward Programs