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Human opening the future with technology

Enterprise shaping the future with technology

Hansol EME

Hansol EME makes people's life convenient
And enriches the future of the globe.

Hansol Group started from the global company,
Samsung Group.

Hansol Group started from the global company,
Samsung Group.

of Hansol Group and it grew as a leader of
plant business.

The plant-specialized enterprise creates better
future for the environmental preservation

and convenient human life through paper plant
business, incineration plant, WTE business,

power plant and water treatment business,
civil engineering, industrial facility construction,

Hansol EME designs the beginning and the end.

Hansol EME has special paper plant technology.
We design the best paper Mill satisfying client

demands from the stock of raw material to
the completion of a product.

It has successfully completed paper Mill projects
in Janghang and Daejeon, Korea, Obeikan, Saudi

Arabia, An Hoa, Vietnam, Bharat, India, Hebie,
China, etc. based on its experiences in plants

for printing paper, industrial paper, newspaper
paper, special paper, etc.

Hansol EME has confidence in its world-best
paper Mill construction.

We transfer our management know-how based
on the 40-year long experience in paper Mill

maintenance including maintenance & prevention
solution and MPS which eliminates the possibilities

of machine malfunction.
In addition, clients can effectively upgrade

their paper Mill through paper Mill re-building.

Hansol EME makes earth breath.

With its individual technology in incineration
business, BFBC boiler or Bubbling Fluidizing

Bed Combustion, we can provide the most effective
architecture and construction services.

Hansol EME incineration plant which was completed
with our wide experience and years of management

know-how boasts the best technology and superb
management capabilities including effective

management and clean air emission for the
clean future environment.

Our incineration technology has evolved into
waste-to-energy technology and power plant.

We took a turn-key order of Korea's biggest-scale
food waste-to-biogas facilities and successfully

completed the project. We lead the WTE projects
including organic waste water-to-biogas plant,

landfill gas collection plant, combustible
waste-to- solid fuel plant, group energy supply

businesses, etc.
In addition, we expanded our area in the plant

facility construction. We create new values
through power plant businesses producing lights

and energy from small and medium sized plant
to new renewable energy power plant.

Hansol EME promises you clean water.

Hansol water treatment plant changes any water
into clean water through not only its water

and sewage treatment but also advanced waste
water treatment technologies.

You can see many Hansol water treatment plants
around the world, satisfying clients demands

along with its ample experiences in industrial
and domestic waste water, water and sewage

In addition, we realize the best advanced

water treatment technologies and economic
technologies suitable for the era of high

oil prices by applying our long-term water
treatment plant experiences to plant architecture,

construction, trial run and operation.

Hansol EME is the prepared expert.

It has been highly recognized not only for
the foundation of the industry, civil engineering

and industrial infrastructures including factory,
research center and logistics center but also

for specialized constructions including museum,
school, hospital, sports and leisure facilities,

Hansol EME is a fully prepared expert with

various service systems in the all construction
areas from project planning, architecture,

construction to test run.

Hansol EME leads the future.

Hansol EME wows the world with its own technology
research center with talented research manpower

that has precisely predicted the market trend
and developed reliable specialized technologies

by itself or in cooperation.
We are the best partner who provides client-satisfying

services with differentiated new technologies
and who leads the clients to the success of

a long-term plant project along with the suggestions
from the client's perspectives.

Hansol EME maximizes client value
Through can-do spirit and innovation

And contributes to the happiness of the world


Human opening the future with technology

Enterprise shaping the future with technology

Hansol EME